About Us

Legit dank vape store has a well stocked warehouse with dank vapes, dank flavours, stiiizy carts, cookies, krt vapes, jungle boys weeds, cali tins and cartridges for sale to consumers worldwide. The company is known worldwide for its credibility and reputation. We provide shiping via our partner company to countries worldwide.

We work hard to provide you the best quality services

It is a long established fact that consumers of dank vapes, stiiizy, cookies, jungle boys weed, cali tins are usually not satisfied with the amounts they spend on making purchases, delivery time and also the quality of the products they get. That is why we as a company make it a habit to serve be loyal and serve our costumers with great delit reason which they always come back for more. Legit dank vape store offers discounts to customers who make orders greater than $650. We also offer a money back guarantee period during which the customers gets a refund in case of product dissatisfaction. 

We are Legit Dank Vape store

Welcome to Legit Dank Vape store! We believe that every Medical Cannabis patient should have safe, convenient access to Medicinal Cannabis Delivery online or by phone without visiting a dispensary.

With literally thousands upon thousands of amazing strains from the best breeders in the world, ranging from famous cup-winners to potent, CBD-laden medical strains, High THC powerhouses, famous cheese seeds and popular white widow strains, all the way through to some of the rarest, hardest-to-find varieties in the world.

You can get it all right here at Legit Dank Vape Store! Because we only ever work with breeders who meet our rigorous quality standards. You can be sure that whatever vapes you get from us, they’ll make exceptional additions to your dank vape library!

Where we started.

We had to start with quality. Legit Dank Vape Store makes it a point to attend countless cannabis events like Chalice, Cannabis Cup, CannaCon and many more. Where top-rated Cultivators and Manufactures compete, is where Legit Dank Vape Store builds its menu. These are award-winning vendors with years of experience. 

Once we secured access to the best products in California, we focused on Service. Our goals were to build a team of knowledgeable, friendly cannabis-lovers. We wanted to bring on people who shared appreciation for the cannabis lifestyle. With the right squad, our strategy became simple: Answer the Phone, Be Helpful and Know the Products. Our team is ready to take your order, but more importantly, we are happy to steer you in the right direct. We understand that you may not be a weed-expert, so if you have questions, ask away! We can guide you to the right category; even right down to the exact product and quantity.

Our final focus was Speed. As dank vape-users, we tested multiple delivery companies and the one thing they all had in common was horrible timing. A delivery time of 3 hours was unacceptable. Some companies weren’t even able to fulfill same-day orders! We thought to ourselves…

“If we can get a pizza in about an hour, why can’t we get weed that fast?”

We realized that most of the delivery services were understaffed, unorganized and just flat-out unprepared. To ensure high-speed, Legit Dank Vape Store had to establish a delivery radius that makes sense. We decided to expand our warehouses and increase our number of agents in major cities we supply to. Next, we made sure we had a large enough team of drivers. Finally, we designed an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) calculator that is super-accurate. This is how Legit Dank Vape Store is able to promise an average ETA of 45 minutes (faster than most pizzas!). 

We understood that there was still a dank vape need for those under the age of 21, so we linked-up with the right doctors and created a gateway for medicinal users. Our partnerships with licensed physicians allow us to provide mobile consultations for those who may be interested in medicinal marijuana treatment.  

This is the foundation of what makes us who we are: an Award-Winning Menu, Amazing staff, and Speed through Efficiency. From our simple beginnings to what our Legit Dank Vape Family has become, the journey has been fulfilling. Our team is continuing to grow and will never lose sight of what’s important: you. 

Founded on quality and dedication to service, Legit Dank Vape Store.